Friday, April 10, 2009

Inexpensive Mac dupes: Hello Kitty dupes part one

So I have been searching high and low for a website that had more than one 'dupe' color. I mainly searched mineral makeup sites because they often have very inexpensive samples to try out the colors. I do not own the actual hello kitty by MAC items, that is the reason of the 'dupe' searching on my part! I am on such a tight budget, I am hoping to order some of these dupes and post a look with them. I have never had the luxury to buy actual MAC products, I am simply out for the colors. One day I hope to be able to purchase the real deal! These are all mineral makeup sites, but next week or the week after I hope to have dupes up from some online makeup companies and drugstore brands. Using mineral makeup is also good for duping many colors because you can mix the pigments to adjust the shade. I love to dupe because you can go outside the color tone and match the color more for your skin or the look you are trying to create.

I have listed the sites in order for the most 'dupe' colors. If you are saving money it is wise to order multiple items at one site to save on shipping. The first site, Fyrinnae, provides actual swatches of the colors, so it is easier to tell what you are buying. Some of these colors matched actual MAC swatches, some look similar in appearance, and some are just color substitutes. So you can dupe an exact, or just find substitute colors you like.

Fyrinnae is an internet mineral makeup company that has eyeshadow and pigments galore! They also have some lip glosses that are really close to the MAC's hello kitty LipGlass and Dazzleglass. So check out the site and see the colors for yourself! The colors listed on the left are the MAC, the colors on the right are Fyrinnae. The colors listed first are the closest dupes, and the colors listed next are pretty close.

MAC "Lucky Tom" color - Fyrinnae color

Creme Royal - Shinkirou; Finnegan's Wake
Paradisco - Painted Rose; Kimchi; Melty; Macabre
Stylin' - Orca; Neo Universe; Predatory
Lucy Tom - Ultrasuede

Mac "Too Dolly" color - Fyrinnae color

Yogurt - Happy Fun; Titania; Kurisumasu, Snow Bunny
Romping - Kabuki; Kitten in Heels
Too Dolly - Curiouser and Curiouser; Digital Faerie; Shallow Sleep
Stately Black - Karasu; Harlequin

MAC Hello Kitty Lipglass - Fyrinnae Lip Lustre

Nice Kitty - Amplifier
She Loves Candy - Bounce
Mimmy - Ice Cream Party; Megahold (um not really but can be close subs)
Nice to be Nice - Lace Gloves
Sweet Strawberry - Hysteric

MAC Hello Kitty Dazzleglass - Fyrinnae Lip Lustre

Kitty Kouture - Ice Cream Party; Megahold (not really but can be subs)
Dazzlepuss - Lillipop-Pop

Pureluxe Cosmetics is a mineral company with a huge selection of eye colors. Their colors are not as closely matched to MAC as Fyrinnae, but close and they also have lip glosses. The only thing is their stuff looks really glittery, but I am hoping to try some of their stuff to see how they look on. They do not have swatches on the site like Fyrinnae, so these are matched by eye.

Mac "Lucky Tom" color - Pureluxe Cosmetics color

Creme Royal - Susan; Buttercup; Vanilla; Rapture; Promiscuous
Paradisco - Buttered Rum; Fresh; Froufrou; Darling
Stylin' - Bad Girl
Lucky Tom - Cashmere, Solitude

Mac "Too Dolly" color - Pureluxe Cosmetics color

Yogurt - PinkPearls; Innocent; Ballerina; Fairy Wings; Jezebel; Luminous
Romping - Tickle; Retro; Berry
Too Dolly - Shameless; Sassy; Seashore; Trailor Trash; Dream On
Stately Black - Cobalt, Naughty, Black Cat

The lip glosses are not exact matches, but good substitutes

Mac Lipgloss - Pureluxe Lip Wands

Nice Kitty - Lust
Sweet Strawberry - Porno Queen
Nice to be Nice - Tequila Sunrise
Mimmy - Pixie; Centerfold (from the lippie tower)
Kitty Kouture - Deja Vu