Friday, March 13, 2009

DIY: Make your own makeup kit or palette

So I stumbled across this on youtube, I watched several different videos for this, so I decided to do a photo tutorial on the whole process! Here are the main two videos I used to do this, if you want to view them. (depot eyeshadows) (cd eyeshadow palette)

These are the supplies you will need to depot your eyeshadows
a large plate
an old wash rag (a clean one!)
eyeshadows, blushes, any makeup in compacts or kits
rubbing alcohol (70% is good, but if you can find higher, go ahead)
a skinny knife or metal nail file

First step, fill your plate with a shallow layer of alcohol, shown above

Then, carefully take your knife and place in between the metal container holding the eyeshadow, and the plastic compact. Try prying from the edge or a corner, but pry carefully, try not to break the eyeshadow or stab it with the knife!

If you are successful, you will be able to take out the little metal plate and the eyeshadow, yay! Depending on the brand and what glue they use, this will be either easy, or not, lol.

Now place all of your depotted products into the plate. Be sure the alcohol is shallow, we don't want to soak the eyeshadow and make it soft. It's ok if you get a little on it, it will evaporate. Let all of these soak for 5-10 mins, to soften up the glue. You may need to soak them longer, depending on the glue used.

Next we wipe off all the glue, ewww, and get glue buggers on your fingers and wash rag!

You now have clean bottoms to make your own makeup palette!

Supplies you will need to make your custom palette:

depotted eyeshadow, blush, etc
cd case (I used an old aol case as well)
magnet sheet or strips with peel off sticky backing
optional: photo paper or printer paper

***NOTE*** Some cheaper products will store the makeup in aluminum, which is not magnetic,
so you will need to omit the magnet and use double sided tape or glue or whatever, be creative!

First we need to measure our cd case (or box, or whatever) OR, if you are feeling froggy, just wing it (not recommended for perfectionist)

Now we cut the magnet to size, peel off the sticky back, and stick it onto the bottom
(if your makeup isn't in magnetic metal, just use glue or double sticky tape and nevermind the magnet) Soooo now we have a magnet lined box, as shown above.

Now we arrange the makeup like so, one is a cd case, the other is an old aol case (yes, I got my eyeshadow wet, we can't all be perfect, he he)

Next we take a photo of our arrangement and write the names of the colors and brand if you desire. You can print it out and write it on the paper or use a photoshop type program to type over the picture, like I did!

And here you have your finished product! Make sure you print your picture out the same size as your cover so it fits inside. I didn't do one for the aol box but you could glue it on the inside and decorate the outside, fun fun!