Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Face of the week: All natural look with everyday minerals

Ok, this is my new favorite look that I have been wearing this week. I mixed in some of my favorite products with my new everyday minerals samples that I got. These are my steps, I hate taking videos of myself, so if you would rather this be in video form let me know!

* First I of course cleansed and moisturized! Make sure your hands and makeup brushes or sponges are clean too! If you have pcos you have bad skin and acne that comes with it so try to be nice to your skin. I have found using your fingers to wash your face is the most gentle.

* I primed my face with Rimmel's fix and perfect. It's not my all time fav, but it's good for the price and I love the little bit of tint it has.

* Next I brushed on em (everyday minerals) start to finish powder in 'sunlight'

* Then I concealed with my all time fav liquid concealer, clear complexion by almay in 'light', it has a tiny bit of salicylic acid to dry up those blemishes.

* Second goes on my em intensive base in 'fawn', which has great coverage for mineral makeup, I am in love with this formula!

* Thirdly, I apply my blush to my cheeks, and dust just a tiny bit on my forhead, nose, and chin for a more natural look. I used em blush in 'tea time', it is the best shade for bronzer on light skin. Other bronzers make me look so fake because I am so light.

* Finally, I apply the finishing powder in 'sunlight' one more time, but this is optional if you don't like too much makeup.

* My eye lids are dusted with alittle of the 'tea time' blush, and I lined my upper and lower lashes using em eyeshadow in 'postcards' I am so in love with this shade. Black eyeliner is too dark and fake for me, and I get so tired of using brown. This is a perfect shade, with just enough smokey charcoal black and a little bit of green undertone. It just wakes up brown eyes, it would be good for anyone with light skin tones I think.

* I shaded my eyebrows with em 'medium brown' brow color. I think this brown is a little reddish for me, since my eyebrows are almost black. I will probably try out another color!

* My all time fav plain black mascara, rimmel extra super lash in 'black' My eyelashes curl so good with this stuff. It's not waterproof, but it's cheap and gets the job done! I apply to my top lashline only.

* Finally!!! the end, I moisturized my lips with the em natural lip gloss in 'bamboo' and on top I applied bath and body works liplicious tasty lip color in 'caramel latte' This stuff comes in tones of shades and flavors. They are the perfect gloss to go over all your lip sticks.

I get all of my basic makeup stuff at wal-mart and target. You can find the everyday minerals makeup here ---> (Everyday Minerals) and of corse the lip gloss came from bath and body works like I stated earlier. You can also order stuff from if you don't feel like going to wal-mart or target, lol.