Friday, March 13, 2009

Money Saving tip: Don't throw away those broken eyeshadows!!!

Ok, so I saw this video on youtube. (clicky to view) I was so ready to try this. I had two broken eyeshadows that I picked up for like $1.00 each at a bent can store. They are pretty pricy eyeshadows, one is a HIP Duo by L'oreal and the other is a single eyeshadow by Prestige. They were broken, but I liked the colors and was determined to use them. Thanks to this video, they are pressed back into the containers like new! (or almost, anyway) So here is a video, I did a pretty crazy job, I was holding the camera and fixing the eyeshadow, lol. But I am sure you can do a nicer job. View the original video, this gurl does a great job and has other good videos too! My videos have no sound because I have a playlist on my blog, just click on the play botton, find something you like!

Here are the supplies you will need:
broken eyeshadow
old scrap material or old shirt cut up into small squares (one square for each eyeshadow)
rubbing alcohol (70% or above is best)
eye dropper or small measuring spoon
small bowl or container (to put alcohol in)
a quarter for pressing, or just use your fingers!