Sunday, March 8, 2009

Video Tutorial, applying Signature Minerals, start to finish

My video tutorial / makeup review on signature minerals!

Ok, so I have been using Signature Minerals for about a year now, and I have never had probs with it breaking me out more. My mom tells me all the time "You look like your face is clearing up today" when I wear it, but in fact, my face could be the same as the last week she saw me, lol. I really love this stuff. The only thing is you may still need a liquid foundation or concealer for the big nasties, but you may find the coverage to be suitable for you. The samples are free, you just pay shipping and handling. I have yet to buy their full sized products, I have ordered three samples kits from them, just to try different stuff out, and the samples last for a long time! They recently came out with a face wash, I want to buy that and do a review, but I just bought some other face wash last week, so I will have to wait :( So anyway, hope ya enjoy, I will put a video soon on my Everyday Minerals stuff too, so stay tuned! My face is a little crazy right now, so I don't wanna show a video just yet, lol. This video does not have sound, so click on the playlist at the right top corner to listen to some tunes!


chicadedios25 said...

I have PCOS as well and found your link over at SoulCysters....

The everyday minerals is great stuff. I ordered some online and loved it!

I am trying the revlon mineral makeup right now and it is not as quality as edm is. I have also tried Avon and it was 50/50.

Good luck on your new adventure.

How long have you been a PCOS'er?

acbaker82 said...

I was diagnosed in 2003 but my symptoms pretty much started showing in 2000/2001. I haven't tried any mineral makeup from stores or avon, but I have heard the quality is nothing compared to ordering from companies that focus on mineral makeup only. Thanks for reading, and soulcysters rocks!