Saturday, March 7, 2009

Everyday Minerals Makeup Review

Got my everyday minerals makeup in today, makeup review time yay!

I decided to keep a blog on my pcos journey. From makeup to 'healthier' recipes, I'm trying to slim down and be healthy. So here we go, my first entry, a review an experience with my Everday Minerals order.

So today I got in my order from Everyday Minerals, and I was so excited! They packed the box so neatly with paper, so that nothing could jiggle around in there. It was nice to see the natural looking brown tissue paper, it appears to be Eco friendly, nothing like those annoying, static, cling-to-you-everywhere peanuts or foam.

The packaging is so cute, brown and pink, much nicer looking than my signature minerals. They had so many more colors to choose from than signature minerals so I figured, what they heck, free samples. I ordered their wet wipes and a sponge too. The sponge was great to put my ponds cold cream on and my thick body lotion. They are both in tubs and I hate dipping my hands in them! I used the wet wipes to dampen my brushes and take off excess color from used brushes, and they smelled so nice too! Best thing is they are biodegradable and natural.

The make up was great! I ordered the foundation in the intensive formula, and ordered a concealer as well. It was the very first time that I used a powder that I did not need to use a liquid foundation with it to hid all of my many blemishes. I finished my face off with one of their start to finish powders and my face was not as shiny today. I am usually blotting with blotting sheets every few hours to get rid of shine.

My all time favorite item in the whole order was this eyeshadow called 'postcards'. I used it as an eye liner and it was so soft and smokey, I loved it! I also loved the 'tea time' blush that I ordered. You can apply it as a blush or all over color for a sun-kissed look for light or medium light skin tones, and I noticed it was the same exact color as my bare minerals tinted mineral veil. I was so excited because the only reason why I got the bare minerals is I bought it for an ok price on ebay.

Over all I think I will be considering using this makeup line for most of my makeup needs. They have a nice color range to choose from, and you can order mineral makeup for cheap, and also not have to go to another company to order cheap brushes and supplies. I can't wait to order and try more colors! I am hopeing that I don't break out with this. I have had good luck with signature minerals and I am so glad to have found two good mineral companies that are not expensive and affordable!